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Illiteracy the down fall of American society

Illiteracy is a state whereby most of the individuals in a society are unable to read and write at a given fundamental level of education.

Here are some of the ways in which illiteracy has caused the American society to suffer.

  1. Poverty and employment

Both absolute and relative poverty are among the key issues which are caused by lower rates of literacy.  Most of the people in the united states earn as little as 230 dollars per week. This amount when equated to the daily uses in the purchase of the basic commodities such as food most of the people find it difficult to cater for those needs fully. Therefore, this results the scenario of having relative poverty among the people of the united states. This means a great number of the individuals who are unable to cater for their living does not know how to read and write to a very little level of education and thus resulting to the availability of the blue-collar jobs for them. In most cases the American society is composed of the people working in Utmost 20 weeks in every year. Normally, the working weeks should be at least 30 weeks in a year. Therefore, this means that most of the illiterate people get the jobs under a given contract which does not last for long but becomes temporal for the survival of the society. Henceforth, with the rise of technology in America, most of the people are still unable to resolve the daily duties due to lack of skills. Thus, in most of the industries most of the machines are being approved in the performance of duties which makes the work fast than the human resource contribution. This therefore leads to the retrenchment of the workers from the industries to usher the new machines for the work to be done. Unemployment becomes an issue among the illiterate community and therefore people start living below the poverty line. This affects the people directly and also affects the society at large. For instance, the lower level of literacy among the people in the society will lead to poor standards of living among the people. In addition, too, these people will contribute less in the job markets because of the introduction of the machines in the core working sectors which will necessitate to lower production levels. Therefore, this has been a great down fall to the government who respond to cater for the needs of these people in the society. The American society is therefore to a given level living with the inequality of the incomes of the people.


  1. Incarceration

Most of the illiterate people in the society are highly incarcerated to some offences done in the society. The criminal offences are most of the repercussions which caught up the illiterate people in the American society. A great percentage of the prisoners in the American society are associated with lowest literacy levels thus boosting them to commit criminal offences in the name of searching for their basic needs. The criminal offences are associated with the unemployment situations of the people and thus increasing the rate of the offences in the society. Robbery and domestic violence have been highly associated with the low levels of literacy among the people. This has resulted out because of the mis understanding of the person’s rights which is essential in the day to day living of the individuals. Henceforth the relationship among the illiterate people is poor due to the struggle of the living conditions as well as the predicament of other people’s rights and responsibilities. Lower levels of education therefore result to domestic violence among the people due to lack of the fundamental needs of survival among the most families in the American society. On the other hand most of the people in the American society who are illiterate have been affiliated to the idleness situations which has resulted to the high reproduction levels. This means that the rate of reproduction among the people in the American society is high for the poor people because of the idleness resulted from the unemployment scenarios. This has been the only comfort cure among the people in the American society who are illiterate because most of the hours they are jobless. The population rate keeps increasing in this society with most people becoming illiterate and therefore there will be high rates of criminal offences for them to survive. Thus, the burden to the government to support the social amenities becomes high as well as the economic support towards this society. Most of the people w are illiterate feel inferior and insecure against the literate individuals in the society. This interaction thus leads to the poor generation and functionality of ideas in the society which then lowers the level of development in America.

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