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40 Impressive and Persuasive Essay Topics for Students

Essay writing can be an easy task when the techniques are understood fully. This article shares some of the basic essay writing ideas, and topics as well for the beginners.


Essay writing is something that every student should know about. The techniques are not very difficult to learn but most often the students do not have a clear idea about what an essay is, so they do not know how to write one. Persuasion is the first key to make your essay attractive and more effective. Because if you write about the right thing but if you fail to choose some meaningful and powerful words, then it will not be persuasive to influence the readers. Another rule  for writing a persuasive essay is to choose the right topic. The main idea should be to convince the readers along with informing them. Let us briefly discuss some main points of what actually should be cared about while writing an essay before sharing some interesting essay topic ideas.

How to write an essay successfully and persuasively?

Teachers do not always assign a specific essay topic to their students. They just give them some basic idea about the subject and ask them to write by their own. So teachers basically are preparing the school and college students for writing their thesis and research papers on the higher level. Many students get stuck when it comes to choosing a topic because they are not clear about how an essay should be written. The following steps below will help students.

  • Generalization of a topic should be avoided because it not only confuses things, but also broadens the topic.
  • The student needs to be well researched about the subject before start writing. Because sometimes you may have many ideas in your mind but there would be very less material available to support your arguments.
  • Students need to be very clear about their target audience. Only then will they be able to explain and prove things effectively when they know who their readers are whom they are trying to persuade.
  • Very clear outline of the whole essay should be present in the written form.
  • Students should have enough supporting arguments to prove their points more clear and convincing.

Now as some of the basic points are briefly discussed about writing an essay, So, now we can discuss some of the persuasive essay topics which will help school and college student to make a wise choice.

  1. Does 21st century still have patriarchal societies?
  2. Do you support the recently introduced idea of paternity leave for fathers?
  3. Political parties among college students: do you support the idea?
  4. Are communication devices be allowed during exams?
  5. Every person is a born artist
  6. The use of music for mental therapy
  7. The harmful impacts of mobile phones on children’s health
  8. The idea of reward and punishment for students
  9. The positive and negative outcomes of war
  10. School cafeterias sell poisonous food
  11. Which is the source of real happiness: Money or Successful career?
  12. How does media control our minds?
  13. why is military budget larger than education and health budget
  14. the outcomes of terrorism
  15. how helpful is technology for health
  16. Why are pets important for children?
  17. Why students opt for tuitions after school?
  18. Assignment writing is not a waste of time
  19. How embarrassing moments of life can make you successful
  20. Is hard work the only thing to make you successful?
  21. Why should there be paid internships?
  22. The increased use of drugs and alcohol in students
  23. Preventive measures to stop school bullying
  24. Why are youngsters an easy target of cyber-bullying?
  25. How to manage time successfully?
  26. Is self-belief the most important personality trait?
  27. School grades can not determine the intelligence level of a student
  28. Do you support the concept of students getting expensive mobile phones?
  29. Reason behind increased number of old-age homes
  30. Ways of women empowerment
  31. Fashion: following recent trends or one’s personal preferences
  32. Are cameras in public place meant for security purposes only?
  33. Social networking websites allows people to share their views more confidently
  34. Internet is a source of reducing unemployment
  35. Cosmetic surgeries have made women more ugly
  36. Why do women suffer in most cultural practices?
  37. Performance of women is better than men in swimming and dancing
  38. Influential people on social media can bring change
  39. Human Robots can no more be controlled by human beings
  40. Do you support cloning of animals and humans?

These are some of the topics that will students write an effective and persuasive essays. They can specified the things further.


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